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Make cute salt crystal paper hearts, fun science craft idea for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, or just because!

Salt Crystal Hearts Science Craft STEAM idea for kids

We’re becoming salt crystal obsessed in our house. They’re so much fun to make, for little and big kids alike! And they’re a great way to introduce science concepts like dissolving and evaporating, making a solution, and cubic crystals.

This time we made cute Salt Crystal Hearts, as part of Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love series. Click here to see our activity!

How to make salt crystal heart kids science craft

This will be added to our crystal science activities page, or you can also find more heart-themed science activities on our new Valentines Day science page, including:

Bubble fun! Make DIY shape bubble wands, to introduce shape recognition into your backyard bubble play (and explore a little bubble physics at the same time)!

Make your own shape bubble wands - what shape bubbles will they make

Bubbles are always a winner at our house! And we’ve come up with a cool way to make our own bubble wands, in any shape we want! This time we made circle, triangle, rectangle and square shaped bubble wands – but the big question is: what shape bubbles will each of these wands make?

Click through to see how we made and played with these shape bubble wands in our guest post over at NurtureStore today.

Blowing bubbles with the triangle shaped bubble wand

AND, I’m so pleased to announce that this activity has been selected as one of the 40+ literacy and math activities in a brand new ebook called ABCs and 123s. So exciting!

ABCs and 123s series

The ABCs and 123s ebook is a resource for parents, grandparents, carers or teachers who want to introduce letters, numbers and shapes to kids in a fun, hands-on and playful way. It’s a collaboration of over 40 like-minded kids activities bloggers, who all believe that kids learn best through play.

It’s more of a literacy and maths ebook, than a science ebook per se, but a few of the activities do have a science element (including this one of ours). You can read more about the ABCs and 123s ebook, and see page examples here.

ABCs and 123s ebook cover

Shape Bubble Wands

I’ve listed some more of our bubble science activities below. I have to warn you though, making DIY bubble wands is slightly addictive. It’s so easy, and much cooler than the standard ones that come with the bubble mixture!

And I have a feeling that’s just the start….

Shape Bubble Wands - what size bubbles will they make

DIY Bubble Wands