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Salt Crystal Paper Snowflakes!

Stunning winter or indoor snow day craft that doubles as a cool crystal science lesson – how to make salt crystal paper snowflakes!

Salt Crystal Paper Snowflakes - crystal science project for kids 1

OK, I think I’m slightly addicted to making salt crystal crafts – we began with our ‘snowy’ salt crystal fir trees, then we made our salt crystal ghosts, and now salt crystal snowflakes! I think these snowflakes are my favourite so far: they’re quite stunning, and I love science projects that only need everyday household materials – no need to duck to the shops first!

Salt Crystal Snowflakes 8

Suitable for

This is would be a great activity for a group middle schoolers (8-10 year olds), who should be able to do most aspects by themselves. Younger kids (even preschoolers) can try this too, but they’ll need more help. (The salt crystal part is easy enough, but it’s actually the folding and cutting of the paper snowflakes that little kids will need the most help with). For reference, Jewel was 9 and Bumble Bee 7 when we did this.

Salt Crystal Snowflakes 13

How to make Salt Crystal Snowflakes

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Make a ‘snowy’ salt crystal tree

How to make a ‘snowy’ salt crystal fir tree ornament – fun winter or Christmas science project.

Explore salt crystalisation and make a cool winter snow fir tree - fun crystal science for kids

Have you ever had that icky feeling, when you do something really cool with your eldest, but you can’t involve your youngest because it isn’t age appropriate yet?

And no matter how hard you try to make it up to your youngest, it still feels like they’re being left out of all the fun?

Yup, that’s how I’ve been feeling about crystals.

Making crystals is cool. It’s impressive to transform something from one form into another, especially when the new form is sparkly, faceted and gem-like.

How to make a 'Snowy' crystal tree - crystal science project for kids

My eldest daughter Jewel and I have made a bunch of pretty, sparkly, faceted Borax crystals, but so far my three year old daughter Bumble Bee hasn’t been allowed to join in.

So Bumble Bee was very happy that, this time, she got to try out a new way to play with crystals, which only uses everyday materials I’m happy for her to handle. And because this new way creates a beautiful, hazy, snowy effect, we decided to try making snow-covered fir trees.

We’re planning to use these as a science-themed Christmas ornament to hang on our tree.

Snowy fir tree Christmas ornament made with salt crystals

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