Ariel as a Scientist colouring-in page

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You know how sometimes you stumble across something that’s just so cool that you have to share it with the world?

I found this drawing of Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as a scientist in a lab doing chemistry, wearing both her princess dress AND safety goggles that doubles as a colouring-in page. It’s so awesome!

Ariel as a Scientist colouring in page

When my eldest daughter Jewel first saw it, she squealed “Oh my goodness! I had no idea that Ariel likes science too!”

Girl colouring in Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as a Scientist picture

Ariel as a Scientist colouring in - encouraging girls in STEM

This image is not my creation (obviously – I’m not that talented!). It’s a commission work by the artist NathanLee James. Its black and white outline make it great for colouring-in.

Click here to go to the artist’s original image, then right-click and select “view image”, and then select print from your top drop-down menu. (Or at least, that’s how I did it.) Then let the kids colour to their hearts content.

Cutting it out, sticking a chopstick on the back and turning it into a Science Ariel puppet is completely optional. 🙂


More images like this are needed to encourage young girls in STEM. We need images that show a range of girls enjoying STEM (yes, princesses included) so that any girl can see STEM as something they want to aspire to, something that fits in with the rest of their self-image.

Disney – if by you’re reading this by any chance, can I put in a request please for a new, cool, smart princess who loves both STEM activities AND wears princess dresses and tiaras and sings songs and stuff? (Granted Rapunzel does like reading and astronomy – she’s my favourite of your princesses so far…)


Ariel as a Scientist colouring in page - encouraging girls in STEM

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