Science Crafts

You might have seen on our STEAM activities page, that some of our ideas are what I call “science crafts”.

Science crafts essentially craft ideas, but they’re craft ideas with a science component!

My kids (and I) love to craft. We’ve found that science craft ideas are a fun way to combine our love of crafting with our love of science. My crafty girls get to make something pretty, but at the same time, are introduced to science concepts and vocabulary in way they can relate to. They’re learn that science can be fun, hands-on, creative and cool.

I know the definition of STEAM activities is vague, but I personally wouldn’t call many of the science craft ideas in here true STEAM – there’s not necessarily the cross-curriculum critical thinking or experimenting. BUT I’ve found that doing science crafts can lead to self-led STEAM activities down the track. Once we’ve done a science craft activity (or several), my girls are more likely to take those ideas and extend them, come up with their own variations, experiment, and turn these activities into true STEAM ones.

So, after much chatter, let me introduce you to some of the fun science crafts we’ve done so far! (Click on the thumbnail to go through to the specific craft post for more details).


Science Craft Ideas for Kids