1. Bindi

    May be a silly question, but will the jars be foodsafe again after a wash in the dishwasher?


    • You might need to dissolve any borax crystals that have stuck to the sides and bottom of the jar first (just by pouring in some boiling water and letting it dissolve), but yes, once the jar is clean of crystals, you should be able to pop it in the dishwasher to make it foodsafe again.

  2. Breanna

    Hi! I have a question for you. Does this process ruin the glass jars or do they clean out nicely? I’d like to try this in my classroom, and I’d like to warn parents if it going to ruin the jars.


    • I use old jam jars, and it doesn’t ruin them, I use them over and over again. But often the crystals do stick to the bottom of the jars and need to be dissolved again before it’s back to normal. Having said that, I would probably suggest that the parents bring old recycled jars, just in case.


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