Measuring Height with Magna-Tiles

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Did you see this tall Magna-Tile tower we built yesterday?

Using magnatiles to measure DIY catapult projectile heights - fun STEM activity for kids combining science, engineering and maths with playWe built it to measure how high our catapults were shooting. We had to keep building it higher and higher, as we discovered one of our catapults had a very high trajectory!

All that tall-tower-making had me thinking…. If we built it just a little bit taller, could we use it to measure the girls’ heights?

So that’s what we did!

Measuring height with Magna-Tiles is a fun way to explore math and measurement at home

Suitable for

This is a fun activity for 3-6 year olds. Using everyday items that are a uniform size to measure objects and compare their relative size is one of the maths skills Jewel learned when she was in kindergarten and Year One.

Bumble Bee and Jewel were 4 & 6.5 years old here.

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The girls have been lucky enough to receive two Magna-Tiles sets (this 100 piece one and this 48 piece one) over the past few years as Christmas gifts (thanks Grandma!), and so are quite familiar with building with them. Even so we had to get a little creative in working out how to build a tower tall enough to measure Jewel, stable enough that it wouldn’t fall down, using only the limited number of square tiles that we had available.

Here’s what the structure looked like from behind.

The rear of the tower

We ran out of squares at the very top, so we made our own using right-angled triangles. (Hands-on geometry!)

We found out that Bumble Bee is currently 13 Magna-Tile squares tall, and Jewel is currently 16 Magna-Tile squares tall, meaning that Jewel is 3 Magna-Tiles taller than Bumble. (Oh, don’t they grow up so quickly!)

Measuring the height of kids with a Magna-Tiles tower is a fun way to practise math at home.

The engineering and math components make this a fun STEM activity that kids can try at school or home!


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