How to Dye Multicoloured Flowers in Red, White and Blue

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how to dye flowers red white blue

Remember how, the other day, we did a little nature experiment to see what type of flowers absorb the most vibrant colour?

Blue and red flecked chrysanthemums

Afterwards, I looked at our red flecked flowers, and our blue flecked flowers, sitting in their vases filled with red and blue water, and I couldn’t help but wonder… what would happen if I swapped vases? If I put the blue flecked chrysanthemums into the red water, and the red flecked chrysanthemums into the blue water? Would they turn purple?

The next day, we had our answer. The flowers became streaked with both colours! Multicoloured flowers in red, white and blue.

Red, white and blue dyed flowers

Dying white chrystanthemums with flecks of red and blue

Red white and blue flowers


These flowers sat in their original colour for one night, and then in the other colour for a second night. After that, I combined them in one vase, with fresh water. They stayed fresh like this for another week. A lovely way to brighten up our kitchen!

Vase of chrysanthemum's dyed red white and blue

how to dye flowers red white and blue

This is the third variation of this experiment that we’ve done so far. The others are below. (These also explain the science behind transpiration and how flowers absorb water.)

You can also find all our nature-based science experiments here.

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