Halloween Science Projects for Kids

Halloween + science = fun! 🙂

Awesome Halloween Science Projects for Kids

My kids love anything that is spooky, AND my kids love dressing up, AND my kids love lollies, sweets and candy, so you can understand why Halloween is their favourite holiday of the year! Of course, adding a bit of science into their Halloween activities just adds a bit of learning to the fun. Win, win!

Here are some of the Halloween science projects that we’ve tried so far… (And we’ll be adding some more here soon…)

Fun Halloween Science Ideas for Kids

More Halloween Science and STEM activities for kids

There are loads more activities we’re DYING to try, when we get a chance! Here are some of the spooky science or Halloween-themed STEM activities that we’re really keen to try next. Let me know if you’ve done any of these in the comments below!!

Which idea should we try first? Or do you know any other Halloween science projects we should try? Can’t wait, can’t wait!!

Want more? This list of cool kid-friendly science jokes is also really cool. And I also have a Spooky Halloween for Kids Pinterest board you might like to check out too. 🙂