Taste-Safe Science Experiments for Kids

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Fun science ideas that are non-toxic and taste-safe, just in case your child tends to occasionally put things in their mouth. (Most of these are ‘taste-safe’ rather than ‘edible’. If you are specifically after edible ideas, you can find all our edible science activities here.)


Taste-safe Activities for Kids



Would your child like to try one of these activities? Let me know how you go!


Please note…

Whilst the above activities are non-toxic and taste-safe, they are not necessarily meant to be viewed as a ‘food’. Many wouldn’t taste very good! Check out our edible science ideas for more palatable options.

All kids activities on this blog require attentive adult supervision. Parents and carers will need to judge whether a particular activity is appropriate their child’s age and skill level. Click here for more information.

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