1. Debbie Huggins

    Please remind everyone who allows their children to use hammers, mallets, etc. to put safety goggles on them. Ice shatters when broken and can send a small piece flying into little eyes. Neat activity.


    • Great point Debbie – I’ve added that suggestion now.

  2. elaine

    Please don’t let kids eat ice cubes it’s a chocking hazard! I chocked on an ice cube when I was about 6 or 7 years old and went blue in the face and fainted.


    • I’m sorry to hear that Elaine, I’m sure that must have been scary for you. My kids did more licking than eating of the tonic ice in this activity, but they do eat regular ice quite often – we live in a hot country, and it’s one of the ways we keep heat stroke at bay! So my kids are quite used to how to eat ice safely, and it was something I was comfortable with them doing. But I do agree that parents and carers should supervise closely, and do only what they feel comfortable for their kids in their particular situation. x


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