Planet Earth Craft

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Planet Earth Craft for Kids - fun earth day activity for preschoolers

There’s a lead in story to this post (which I’ll fill you in on later), but for now I just wanted to share this fun Planet Earth Craft that Bee made, using real dirt from our backyard! This was a fun, crafty activity to learn about our wonderful planet, as a spherical mass of water and land floating in space. Big concepts for a 3.5 year old!

Easy Earth Craft for Kids, using real dirt. Fun Earth Day activity.

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To make our Planet Earth Craft, we used:

I found some great clear images of the earth on Clipart Panda, with the land masses black and the water white, which are free to use and are perfect for this craft. I especially love that they have images for the opposite sides of the globe, with one side showing the North America and Greenland in the northern hemisphere, and the other side clearly showing Australia & Oceania in the southern hemisphere.

(We live in Australia. It’s really meaningful for Aussie kids to be able to see the world from an Australian perspective – to be able to see where ‘our home’ is, and where the ‘other side of the earth’ is).

I printed out both sides of the earth, and Bee painted all the oceans and seas with blue watercolours. We used a thick brush to help her apply the paint quickly and evenly.

Painting the earth and the pacific ocean with blue watercolours

Painting the earth's oceans blue around north america

Once the watercolours were dry, Bee painted the land masses, with clear-drying craft glue. (I offered Bee a smaller paint brush this time, to help with accuracy. I did this not because this craft needs to be perfect, but because the kids and I have been talking lately about how different brush sizes are better for different techniques, and so it made sense to offer her appropriate tools to help her achieve her best results.)

Planet earth craft for kids using real dirt to represent land. Fun craft for Earth Day

Painting North America and Greenland with glue

Then we poured soil over our paintings, and set aside for another ten minutes for the glue to dry.

Pour on soil to represent the land

And then we shook the excess dirt off, to reveal the soil-covered land masses underneath!

Earth craft (with dirt)

The next step is to cut around the circle. Bee started, but soon asked if I could do this step instead. (Cutting in a circle is really tricky for preschoolers. Whilst I encourage her to try, I’m also happy to help if she asks).

We then used a glue stick to paste our earth pictures onto black paper, to represent space. Bee wanted to add the moon, so I cut small circles from the paper off-cuts and she glued these on too.

Two sides of the earth craft

We compared our crafts to our world globe, reinforcing that our earth pictures are actually of the same planet, just viewed from different sides. It’s a big concept, and I’m not sure that she’s got it just yet, but she’s getting there.

Planet Earth Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for more Earth and eco-friendly activities for kids (perhaps in time for Earth Day on 22nd April?), check out these fun ideas:

Easy earth craft for Aussie kids showing Australia

Planet earth craft for kids using real dirt to represent land. Fun craft for Earth Day

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  1. Kelly

    I like how you used soil on them πŸ™‚ very cool

  2. Chelsea

    Aw love this – neat way to incorporate real “earth” πŸ™‚

  3. Kate - The Craft Train

    This is such a fun idea! My kids would love using dirt in a painting, we’ll have to incorporate it in somehow one day

  4. Kate Lloyd

    Such an amazing end result. Love it.


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