1. Sally

    Danya, you did it again. You have the vest ideas.

  2. Deb marcionek

    Love it. I am a retired middle school science teacher with small grandchildren
    Perfect activity

  3. jennifer

    How long do you think it would take if it didn’t have so much water? I would like for my kids in my third grade class to do this but I don’t want it to take too long.


    • Definitely using less water will save evaporating time. We’ve done this activity again since (twice making salt crystal ghosts, and once making salt crystal snowflakes) and we found, as long as you’ve dissolved as much salt into the water as possible, you only need enough water to cover the paper. Then it only takes a day or two for the water to evaporate (or maybe less, depending on how warm & dry the climate is in your area).


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